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Greetings! Since 2002 this site has been dedicated to publishing (and publicizing) my work on relationship economics.  I first developed the core ideas of relationship economics during the period 1999-2001 when I was the strategist for an early social networking software pioneer, and have been developing their implications ever since.

About Relationship Economics

Personal relationships are:

Relationship economics studies how such economizing influences social behavior.  Inspired by the work of Ronald Coase and Friedrich Hayek, relationship economics applies the tools of economists to variables traditionally studied by sociologists.  Relationship economics turns out to be fruitful:  It explains the pattern of economic growth during the Industrial Revolution, the nature of modern business strategy, and why academic conservatives were quicker than academic liberals to publish weblogs.

The best way to begin learning about relationship economics is to read my introduction to relationship economics, The Core Ideas. Those who feel they understand ideas better when they know the author may visit the About Me page. Those who wish to dig deeper will find additional content organized as follows:

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